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Tiger McKee 

Designer of Duckbill Tactical Grip

 Director of SHOOTRITE

Firearms Academy


      When I attended my first class at Thunder Ranch, and began to learn how to operate the AR, I quickly discovered that the grip design was a major flaw. Manipulations of the weapon, such as malfunction clearances or reloads, put the weight of the weapon on the firing hand.

       This weight, coupled with the sharp corner existing between the grip and trigger guard, quickly wears out the middle finger. At this time the only option was to tape up your finger with a wad of athletic tape or create padding on the trigger guard by gluing or taping something soft or spongy to the weapon.

       Both alternatives were temporary solutions. I began experimenting with ideas and finally came to the conclusion that creating a new grip with the DuckBill extension was the best route. While designing the grip I decided to get rid of the finger grove, or hump in the middle of the grip which was added with the A2 configuration, and add a rough texture to the front panel. This insured it would fit any size hand and provide a good grip when handling the weapon with only one hand.

       When I showed the prototype to Clint Smith, whose response was that this was a product he would endorse, I knew it was a winner. Everyone familiar with the AR weapon system, and knows how it must be handled for tactical engagements, has been pleased with the design. There are many law enforcement agencies that will not allow any alterations to their weapons other than the installation of the DuckBill grip.

        Will it make you shoot better? Certainly not. But we know to learn how to shoot you must train, and the DuckBill grip allows you to train without the painful degradation of the middle finger common to all other grips.

Tiger McKee





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